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TOP DOCTORS in Greater Hinsdale | Clarendon Hills |Oak Brook | Burr Ridge

Hinsdale Magazine | Hinsdale60521.com premieres Top Doctors in Greater Hinsdale. These Doctors have been identified in US News by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., a research and publishing company with more than two decades of experience in identifying top doctors. Selection of Top doctors® is based on a peer nominations process which is then subject to research, screening, review and selection by the Castle Connolly physician-led research team.

Hinsdale Magazine, Inc. | Hinsdale60521.com highlights the Top Doctors within 10 miles of Hinsdale and found 436 Top Doctors who have been identified among thousands of the nation's best doctors based on a peer nomination process. When a patient needs a doctor with specific expertise—a heart specialist, for example—his current doctor may suggest one. If she doesn't have the name of a trusted cardiologist at the tip of her tongue, she'll probably turn to her colleagues for their input. Such is the nature of how patients and doctors often find top medical specialists. And it's the guiding principle behind the peer-nomination process used to compile Top Doctors.

Castle Connolly wanted to help consumers find the doctors who can best address their needs. That's why Top Doctors are identified by location and by hospital affiliation, across a wide range of specialties and subspecialties and for over 2,000 diseases, medical issues, and procedures.

Castle Connolly enlisted doctors across the country in sharing their awareness of who among their peers are the most worthy of referral. Their collective wisdom, available at usnews.com, will contribute to a growing knowledge base that extends and complements doctors' longstanding tradition of seeking recommendations from a convenient sample of their trusted colleagues. Any licensed doctor can nominate their peers.

Introducing “TOP DOCTORS 2012 in Greater Hinsdale” by Hinsdale Magazine, Inc. | Hinsdale60521.com

The Sept-Oct. Issue is the Health and Wellness issue, as Hinsdale Magazine, Inc. | Hinsdale60521.com recognizes "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" in October. In Hinsdale Magazineʼs tradition of philanthropic coverage, we feature one of Hinsdale's most philanthropic women, who have helped raise millions for her cause.

In the TOP DOCTORS of Greater Hinsdale issue, readers will be introduced to some of the finest doctors in the region. Also in this special issue, Hinsdale Magazine goes beyond covering the events and takes a swing for one of Hinsdale most active charitable organizations—Wellness House. 

ScottJonlich, Hinsdale Magazine Publisher and a resident of Hinsdale for the past nine years, will host "Paddle for Wellness House" September 9th at Salt Creek Club in Hinsdale. The entire community is invited to stand shoulder-to- shoulder in support of families with loved ones afflicted with cancer.

Scott Jonlich brought Hinsdale's first magazine and social web site to combine for the best media experience in Greater Hinsdale. Hinsdale Magazine and Hinsdale60521.com takes you inside Hinsdale with in-depth features on the people, events and lifestyles of one of the most socially conscious towns - and now the 11th Most Fashionable Town in the United States according to a recent national survey.

Hinsdale60521.com has become the most viewed social site in the Greater Hinsdale area, allowing exclusive members to join in on the conversation of what makes Hinsdale one of the nationʼs most desirable places to live.

Advertisers in Hinsdale Magazine have continued to support the extraordinary marketing opportunity, as the magazine continues to become a keepsake issue for residents. The homegrown Hinsdale Magazine, Inc.| Hinsdale60521.com multimedia brand continues to grow as the businesses and social community continue to support its grass-roots origin.

Contact the Hinsdale Magazine, Inc. | Hinsdale60521.com Advertising Department to learn more:

Office: 630-655-3400 | Fax: 630-622-1300  | Email: info@hinsdale60521.com

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